Dmitriy Zhitenev founded the company in 2010. Dmitriy has extensive experience in the NDT industry since 2003. Dmitriy Zhitenev is a professional international level.

Dynamics NDT offer non-destructive testing for industrial enterprises. Dynamics  NDT is based on years of experience in technical diagnostics of industrial safety of technical equipment of oil and gas industry and boiler inspection. Dynamics NDT also offer non-destructive testing for Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, Refrigeration,  Railroads, Paper Mills and other industries.

Dynamics NDT employees have extensive experience in conducting technical diagnostics using several methods of nondestructive testing:

AE  (Acoustic Emission)
UT  (Ultrasonic test)
VT  (Visual test)
DPI (Dye penetrant inspection)
MT (Magnetic Particle)
ET (Eddy Current Inspection )

The employees of  Dynamics NDT have extensive international experience.

The employees of Dynamics NDT performed work for technical diagnostics at Connecticut – Yale University, New Jersey – NYSE Data CENTERs, New York – One World Trade Centre, Goldman Sachs, GP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, ABM, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, MET, Trump Hotel Tower, Columbia University and etc.  Also the employees of Dynamics NDT performed work for technical diagnostics at RAO “Gazprom” AK “Transneft” in oil refineries and other petro-chemical plants in Russia and other countries – Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Africa.